Heavy lifting not required

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It always amazes me when companies spend top dollar on top shelf software.  Nine times out of ten, despite all the bells and whistles, it just isn’t usable.

No better example than Emptoris from IBM which is used by UKSBS to manage tenders for government.  I’m sure that the platform has everything UKSBS wants but it has nothing that a user might want.

Let me explain…. Emptoris uses pop-ups (I never thought I would be using that word in 2016).  Bits don’t work properly when you use Internet Explorer and the user interface is a throwback to Ceefax.  No wonder that prospective bidders on government contacts give up or get caught up in a procurement mess.

I’ve previously had a moan about systems like this – such as the Humber Bridge board system used to collect payments for their new electronic toll “HumberTAG”.  The fact that you might have to log-out and log back in to see a payment which has just been processed is my idea of usability hell.

Flip all this and there is actually some good news….there are massive opportunities for disruptive solutions.  It’s time to start taking user requirements more seriously.

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