Watchers and tributes

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A quick roundup of some things this week:-

1. Watching the progress of publically subsidised Next Generation Access by Broadband Delivery UK (BIS).  Check out this presentation for more details.  North Lincolnshire is a prime candidate for some inward investment.  The whole place is closing up and something good needs to happen quickly.

2. Watching the European Citizens Initiative unfold.  The shortfall of information has led me to set up YourECI which I hope will burst with information from all the digital participation folks from across Europe in days to come.

3. Watching Birmingham.  Not only do they have the ‘Beyond2010‘ expo I understand that Birmingham City Univerisity has taken IPR on a number of government things.  Digital Birmingham have also managed to convicnce Neele Kroes from the EC to join them on the Friday, he’s responsible for the Digital Agenda for Europe so it’s well worth going if you can’t make it to Brussels for this.

Finally, I wanted to say ‘jolly well done’ to this young fella.  Yes, I know he likes French people but he really isn’t all that bad.

Delib have managed to capture the imagination of a number of high profile customers recently and I know that the team over in Bristol are a breath of fresh air.  Not only fresh but full of enthusiasm and wit, the kind of traits that makes life more interesting.  But there’s something else that we should shout about – the fact that there is a thriving British digital participation business and people like Chris (but also Gez, Andy, Ben and the team) are leading the pack.  Now send me some free socks!!