Hello Birmingham

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This week I have mostly been at Hello Digital (and Hello Business), an exhibition hosted by Birmingham City Council in recognition of the excellent work of Digital Birmingham.

So, the line-up was mixed and turn-out was modest but the odd gem made it worthwhile.  Some of the more exiting previews included NHS Local and plans for telemedicine in the region, the better speakers including Charles Leadbeater and the better exhibitors including LookingLocal (P.S. The new Virtual Town Hall+ modules are now live here).

Here’s a summary of the knowledge based nuggets that I’ve taken in:-

  • When cash is flat and expectations are rising, the main challenges are culture change and identifying small investments with big impact.
  • The public sector shoudl look at piggbacking resources and ensuring that innovations are both truly radical but also balanced in terms of their internal and external nature as well as
  • A good place to start when thinking about radical transformation is to ask questions relating to the course of peoples’ lives (e.g. ‘what does it mean to age well?’ instead of ‘how can we make social care better?’).
  • We need to stop sustaining problems and start solving them
  • Shock tactics are required to drive change
  • Open data will unlock demand