Experiments with DigiTV

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As it’s a special day for me today, I have decided to reveal the VTH+ evaluation report

This is a LGID funded project that I have been working on over the last year-or-so which aimed to bridge the gap between social media (or the internt) and DigiTV content.  You can see the modules in action here (select option 5).  Credit to Public-i, NLC, NL Homes, Hansard and LookingLocal for their involvement.

It’s too early to really say if we had much of an impact but I’m quite sure that, with immenent switchover happening across the UK, DigiTV  will be an important outlet for government.  I’ve no doubt that LookingLocal (Local e-Government Excellence Award winners 2011)  will go from strength to strenth.

P.S. Look out for the new BBC YourView platform!

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