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Cebit is an annual technology fair in Hannover, Germany.  It was once the highlight of the consumer electronics year but has now beenovertaken by Las Vegas.  However, I still make an annual pilgrimage to catch up on the latest stuff.

This year there was lots of 3D displays, cloud and green technologies (smart meters) but nothing that really caught my eye.  That is apart from a small Japanese company selling personal healthcare products for around £40.  Not quite telehealthcare but an interesting development in grooming and self-care.

That’s not to say the show was short of ideas.  How about a digital meter for your water tap, curved key for opening doors in the dark or electrical socket which tells you how much electricity plugged-in applicances are draining? I also got a little excited by the possibilities for LED lighting (note that the new EC ICT-PSP contains a grant for solid state lighting in public places).

Let’s hope Cebit can continue to draw a European crowd in 2012…



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