Celebrating Customer Insight

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Yesterday I went to the annual LGiD conference on ‘using customer insight to understand complex issues’.  This is probably the last of the big spending government programmes – with around £7m awarded to fund 62 projects nation-wide.

The principal is simple – government should meet the needs of the service user.  Services should be better designed around the citizen, customer insight providing better targeting of (now) limited resources.  Easy…..or obvious?  Potent, perhaps?

Emer Coleman made a good case for the “inside/outside”  goverati  – people who could leverage innovation into an organisation but were part of them.  I liked this, I guess because this has been my role for a number of years.  Tragic, therefore, that my local council is scrapping all consultant contracts.

Emer has been close to the open data debate and she spoke of an intersting twist on FOI.  Specifically that it should not exist, as all data should be open.

She also suggested some characteristics for ideal government:-

  • patch culture (open source)
  • driven by values
  • networked / collaberative
  • relaxed with risk
  • principals based on gift economy

…with the hierachy of local government flattening and those ‘in power’ being those who make the most contributions.

There was a bunch of good stuff from other speakers too including a demonstration of Southwark Cirlce from Jennie at Participle. Watch out for an expansion of this project!

Final thought – procurement is the “hidden hand against change”.  This is something I definately agree with!


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