It’s all about the Green

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A couple of news stories caught my eye this week.  Firstly, this one – Bristol MP Kerry McMarthy making commons history.  I’ve been banging on about the use of electronic meeting notes for ages, it’s a carbon (and cash) no brainer.

It goes hand in hand with the announcement that the Bristol City Council’s digital manager Stephen Hilton  has been appointed to a new “futures director” role bringing together green, digital and European agendas to support the city’s economic success.  The new role will oversee the council’s economic development activities, in particular as a leading low carbon and digital city.

Stephen worked with me on the Local eDemocracy National Project and I have to say is (by far) the best candidate for the job.  Not least because of the legacy that is “connecting bristol“.  Well done, Bristol, for having such vision.

Last on the green radar is this project.  It looks like Manchester City Council have found a way of sustaining the DEHEMS smart metering project.  For just under £100 you can pick-up a device that will allow you to monitor your energy consumption over the web.  It’s not as smart as it could be but it’s a perfect example of public sector innovation.

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