The wheel, reinvented

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With every change of government comes a new set of cogs and policies.  Let’s be clear – if there’s one thing that government is good at doing it is creating more strategies, working groups, plans and roadmaps.

So what’s in store?  Firstly,there’s the new Government Digital Service with Chris Chant as executive director for digital.   Government will have its single domain and from this point onwards will be looking to deliver of all its services and communications through a digital lens.  This also involves something caleld Alphagov, headded-up by former 4iP guru Tom Loosemore.

Secondly, there’s a new Government ICT strategy that includes all the anticipated goodies such as cloud, carbon and open source.  This mentions a much debated government skunkworks.  A skunkworks (also known as Skunk Works) is a small group of people who work on a project in an unconventional way. Usually, the group’s purpose is to develop something quickly with minimal management constraints. Skunkworks are often used to initially roll out a product or service that thereafter will be developed according to usual business processes.  The term skunkworks was thought to be first introduced during World War II by engineers at Lockheed Martin Corporation.

The good bit about the ICT strategy is that part 3 includes the section “democratic power shift using digital channels”.  Specific reference is given to ePetitions and social media.

Impressed?  Well, I guess.  Just a shame there was no clarity on digital for local government or digital for pan-public sector.  I guess this is down to folks like LGiD, SOCITM etc?  Local-level skunkworks are there if you look, such as initiaitves like moreopen


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