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Nottingham City Council have been on my radar for a while now, not least because of their innovative use of Google Ads to generate revenue.

So, I was really pleased to discover PortfolioCreative, an eMarketplace where councils can share graphics.  You’d be surprised how much it costs (both in time and money) to create artwork – just take a look at the prices on istockphoto.   It’s almost as good as DesignContest which is one tof the best co-creation examples I have seen.

I wonder, then, what other digital content we can trade?



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  1. Dominic Miller


    Thanks for your positive comments regarding our use Of Google Adsense on Nottingham City Councils website and in paticular the development of our new website

    We are really excited by the potential Portfolio offers the public sector to save millions of pounds per year and as you mention there is plenty of scope to develop this to inlude additional assets.

    Thanks for your support.

    Best regards


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