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Not quite what you think, perhaps! I wanted to share with you the final evaluation document from a short customer insight project by NHS North Lincolnshire.

The idea was twofold: Use a mixture of crowd-sourcing and Bluetooth proximity marketing to try and reduce risky behaviours (On the themes of sexual health and alcohol in particular) within certain wards to address health inequalities.

Essentially they found that:-

1) Bluetooth proximity marketing has a take-up rate of approximately 8% on campaigns with digital content of zero value

2) Digital content with value (e.g. coupons) has a much higher take-up rate in the order of 61% acceptance

3) There was a wisdom of crowds.  Submitted tips were actually very useful.  The language of citizens was particularly interesting.

4) The NHS is a trusted organisation

5) This type of campaign had a positive affect on alcohol behaviours but negligable affect on sexual behaviours

6) 400 tips, 1000 messages were recived in a 2 month period.  The potential for mobile comms is very high.

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