2012 : All things open

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This year I have mostly been celebrating the close of last year- however, I thought it would be fair that I share a few things that I’m watching.

Firstly, the open data movement.  While this is not a new agenda there are some rather exciting things planned for  a control shift in the way that personal data is managed.  For example, Mydex is set to fully launch this year and a bunch of companies such as Google, Lloyds Bank, Visa and Mastercard have promised to play nicely.

Secondly, I’m anticipating a renewed interest in hyperlocal.  NESTA have already announced a programme and the likes of Will Perrin and Democracies Online can only but benefit.

Thirdly, we should see the (online) aspects of the European Citizens’ Initiative start to flourish.  EUActive (Poiltech), along with the likes of Richard Wilson from izwe have already hooked up to create ‘Initiative EU‘.  In their own words “o empower ECI initiators through an online deliberative space for their ECI ideas where EU stakeholders can support & give input in the formulation of ECIs | To help stakeholders federate their ECIs across Europe | To improve the quality, effectiveness & success of ECIs once they are officially registered and start to gather the support of 1.000.000 citizens.”.

Finally, the draft ICT-PSP 2012 is out.  Always good to sniff around the funding streams to see where the new priorities are heading.

I’t s hard to see how 2012 will be a great year at the local level.  So, If you get the chance, come over and say “hi” at GovCamp later on in the month.


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