Idea Sourcing and the Bristol pound

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Stimulating innovation using social media isn’t new.  Central government has had some fanciful and frankly bold attempts such as the spending challenge but it’s the private sector that has really managed to crack the concept – skip over to Eon innovation and you’ll see why.

So, it seems reasonable that local government follows suit.  The latest example is GeniUS york ( which is co-sponsored by NESTA and carries with it the promise that the council and Science City York will use their expertise, contacts and resources to help bring ideas to life.  I guess the only oddity was the choice of platform –

There’s a bunch of custom-made tools for this job from UK vendors such as Dialogue App as well as the big boys such as  Ideascale and uservoice.  There’s even a little known Estonian product called TID+.

Wouldn’t it be nice to see this in an inward facing environment?  In my opinion, employee engagement is really under-rated.  If we can get more employees to carry our discretionary behaviour then the commercial world might just be a better place.

One of the ideas that caught my eye is the Bristol Pound.  Local currencies seem to be of the moment.  Perhaps this is the sort of idea that Greeks could get excited about.  People power!

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