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Fascinating meeting today with a company who supply election management software.  What struck me is that ther is so much disconnect between democratic service departments and customer insight / engagement functions.

Just imagine the possibilities of being able to overlay election data with a whole subset of other data such as segmentation.  Not only is this a useful resource for councils, it should also be a must for councillors.

It is clear that too much of our communication effort is going into making dialogue bigger, brighter and more colourful whereas we should be spending our time making them more accurate and effective (e.g. targeting).

I’ve been really dissappointed by the lack of eVoting on these shores for some time now.

Figures I’ve seen for a recent local Referndum here in the U.K.  (where turnout levels were way above the levels of the general election!) suggested that about 30% of the elecotrate used the digital channel.  Telephone responses were pretty steady at around 10% and the rest was paper.

I think this demonstrates that digital is fast becoming a channel of choice for the business of serious democracy.   How did electioneering get missed off the digital by default list?  Perhaps the thought of all the young, disenfranchised, bedroom voters has political parties running scared!

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