Digital Citizen 2012

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After eavesdropping on the Citizen2012 conference today I realised that there were some excellent observations caught up in the debate relating to service improvement. Here are the ideas I jotted down:-

  • Proactive customer services.
  • Optimising information requests.
  • Marketing of digital services.
  • /developer sections for websites.
  • Customers are not just customers.
  • Tapping into passions and emotions to make social less dull.
  • Understanding the psychology of citizens, not just their pen profiles.

I’ve been taking quite a lot of inspiration from across the pond recently. For example, the uses of “Live” help on the website. It looks like the yanks are starting to pull ahead with the idea of open and collaborative government. I’m also starting to appreciate civic standards, like Open311 and the need for more of them!

Finally, I’ve snared a useful slide from a forthcoming report about the value of digital engagement to big businesses. Just look at the profitability of these mainstream companies compared to their non-engaged equivalents. Speak volumes? It’s about time somebody offered my a job as head of digital at one of these big corporations ;_)



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