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The most excellent UK GovCamp took place in London yesterday with the usual thrills and spills, this time at City Hall.  I am always amazed by the number of newbies who attend but still manage to hook up with some friendly faces.

Actually, this year I was delighted by the agenda which had a really good range of topics on some very ‘here and now’ issues.

What caught my eye?  Well, plenty.  However, I’m particularly excited by the transcript revolution – or – SayIT.  Those folks from mySociety have done it again with a really slick website that adds meta data to meetings, speeches and transcripts.  Go and have a look at how it works here.

The missing piece is actually creating these documents with the markup.  Well, a little birdie told me that they are also developing something called “Spoke“.  This is an Android mobile phone app that will record a meeting.  However, it will also allow the operator to press a button to indicate who was speaking.  It won’t do the transcription (yet) but will make it really easy to create the markup.  Can’t wait to try it out.

Congratulations to the UKGC team for putting on another educational, yet free event.


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  1. David Durant

    One of many things I like about SayIt is that it used the open standard Akoma Ntoso XML-based standard which was developed by a group of African parliamentary technologists. It’s great that open standards are now being developed all over the world.

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