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Looks like the Co-Op are spending like crazy on their consultation about the future of the group.  It’s the first time I’ve ever seen a ‘have your say’ paid banner  of anything like this size on Yahoo!  Actually, I’m an advocate of paid ads for this sort of thing – it’s one sure fire way to get noticed.  If there’s one place that most online consultations fall down, it’s digital marketing.


The online consultation also has a twitter # and YouGov (behind it) are sponsoring Yahoo! keywords.

So what’s it like?  Well, the survey is long [15mins] but well structured…but it’s just a survey.  They’ve provided a short FAQ which is nice but it doesn’t really frame the consultation.  What has been decided?, what hasn’t been decided?  What is up for influence?  What will happen next?  I’m also a little surprise there is no video from the Chief exec etc.

I’m crossing my fingers that they will do something exciting with the results!  In the meanwhile, great job on getting noticed.


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