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Ok, time for a rant.  I’m really fed up of flaky IT products which are taken to market before they are ready.  My most recent example is an Asus RT-AC68U dual band WiFi router – not a cheap bit of kit!  But, guess what, this so-called “best router on the market” is no good out of the box because it’s full of memory leaks and bugs.  You’ll have to do a manual update of the firmware and wait for ASUS to mop-up.  The new Netgear ‘Nighthawk’ isn’t much better, either.

This problem is starting to get so ridiculous that third parties are releasing their own firmware (e.g. Merlin).

Next, my Asus Aiguru Skype phone has now stopped working.  Guess what – it’s now incompatible with the new video codec that Skype use.  Even worse, Asus are not releasing new firmware to compensate.  To top things off, my Sony Vaio photo frame has stopped working with streaming radio stations too.  Oddly, Sony have released a Japanese firmware update but not an English one.

Is it me or do technology vendors simply not care?  I think the answer probably varies depending on the vendor.  For example, my Lenovo stuff has been brilliantly compatible and Lenovo seem to take pride in supporting legacy kit.

One lesson I’ve learned is that updates (or at least the latest information) are best tracked on forums – such as support forums set-up by vendors.  Moreover, if you buy a Taiwanese product then the likelihood is that the Taiwanese version of their website will be better informed than, say, the UK equivalent.

What does this mean for IT consumers?  Better buy british or American (if you can!).




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